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Muhammad (saw) The Perfect Man(Sayyid Muhammad ibn 'Alawi al-Maliki al-Hasani)

Muhammad (saw) The Perfect Man(Sayyid Muhammad ibn 'Alawi al-Maliki al-Hasani)star rating 5Al AmeenFebruary 15, 2020All Praise is due to Allah, This book is an accurate account of the Life of our beloved Prophet (SAW), given by one of the greatest Traditionists of Ahlus Sunnah in the last Century, studied at the University of Al Azhar, Taught at the Umm Al Quora University and was from a well establiished scholarly family and was a beacon of light in the Hijaz. I will also like to devote a section to responding to the review of Mustafa who seems to have made several questionable comments/objections in my view. First let me start with saying based on the review he seems to be a salafi and a blind secretarian at that, as he repeats such statements and then ends up showing his lack of knowledge subsequently. Now moving on to one of his contentions, if I recal correctly it did not say the Prophet (S.A.W) had the ability to give light, it said somethign along the lines of light illuminates from his Face. There is hadiths in Sahih Muslim the book of Supplication stating that he asked for A light to be above him, beside him etc, as well as hadith in Tirmidhi about the Prophet (S.A.W) being like a light for the people of Madina as soon as he entered they felt like that. This is obviiously the light of Noor from Allah (S.W.T) Shining on his face as due to his frequent prayer and Dhikr. There is also the Ayat in Surah Maidah about Allah SWT Sending down light and a clear book, with some like Suyuti saying the light is the Prophet (S.A.W), however there is difference of opinion on this. Anyways it is quite obvious that he (S.A.W) had the light of ilm with him. Now your second concern seems a bit weird to me. Nobody can write a Seerah book only using only Bukhari and Muslim. Sahih Bukhari's name is " A short collection of Sahih Hadiths" which shows the there are many sahih hadiths outside of it. The majority of hadiths in the other books of the sitta contain Sahih hadiths as well, not to mention there are sahih hadiths in the books outside of them as well lol. Honestly seems a very odd Contention for you to complain about it when whenever you're reading a book you're acquiescing to the other's judgment call about the Hadiths grading. Not to mention you're contention is not that their are week hadiths but that their may be them, which seems quite odd. Also whose hadith grading are you relying on? You content that there may be weak hadith, yet your methodology does extend to wondering if hadith grading could be inccorect? His last contention is also quite erroneous. I doubt he's read any of the shakyh's works or has read any aqaid books on the Ashari creed, yet he basically calls him having deviant beliefs lmao. I thought Salafis are against taqleed yet instead he seems to think his hearsay makes his opinion valid. His opinions on Sufis seem to be based nothing more than garbage hot takes. And while yes there have been deviant Sufi's there have been many Sufis on haq as well. May Allah SWT have mercy on us all, ameen.
Muhammad (saw) The Perfect Man(Sayyid Muhammad ibn 'Alawi al-Maliki al-Hasani)star rating 1MustafaMay 4, 2016Asalaamu alaikum wa rahmatuallahi, All praise and thanks are to Allah. We praise Him, seek His forgiveness, and we repent to Him. Unfortunately this book has some very problematic aspects to it in praising the Prophet (saw). Ascribing thing such as the ability to give "light" for example. I would not recommend anyone to read this book as it may impart some deviated beliefs regarding the Prophet (saw) and beliefs in general. There are some authentic aspects to the book, however there are some grey and unclear areas thus it would be a problematic read overall. moreover, it is very difficult to verify many of the narrations that are besides Bukhari and Muslim. As from other than the Two Shahih, there may be weak ahadith. The author himself is a known prominent sufi scholars and it is clear from this book that such beliefs are disseminated therein. May Allah guide us and protect us from deviation, ameen.
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