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Understanding Ismailism : A Case Study in Fabrication (Akbarally Meherally)

Understanding Ismailism : A Case Study in Fabrication (Akbarally Meherally)star rating 5Akbar KhojaFebruary 16, 2016Simply amazing! This book exposes one of the secret esoteric sects called 'Ismailiyya' - people who worship a Westerner called Aga Khan. The cult falsely attributes themselves to Islam and this book will tell you exactly why! The adherents of this sect are called Ismailis or Aga Khanis. The author details his own experiences and first-hand encounters with the Aga Khan - especially when he himself was flying with the Aga Khan and one of the engines failed. Even the Aga's own wife told the author not to share this with the Aga as she knew that his feeble heart wouldn't be able bear that. Another incident where Aga told the author to move to Congo as Aga Khan believed that independence for Congo would be a long-shot. However, Congo was *the* first country to gain independence from the British. Remember that Aga Khan proclaims to be "God's man on Earth" and Ismailis worship him, pray to him and ask him for forgiveness of their sins - all in exchange for money. This book, together with the documentary "God's Money" is a must-see for anyone who deals with Ismailis and especially for Ismailis themselves who are rethinking Ismailism.
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